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NXP Earth Week 2019

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Eric-Paul Schat during kick-off Earth week Eindhoven“Lets give back to nature, our environment and local communities”

On April 22, 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest against the negative impact of 150 years of industrial development. Because of this, global ecological awareness grew enormously. This special day now has been declared as Earth Day, were every year positive attention is paid to themes as nature, environment and climate change. To educate and activate the environmental movement across the globe.

More than one billion people in 192 countries now take part in Earth Day, you too?

NXP’s environmental movement

From April 15 – April 19 2019, NXP celebrated the global initiative “Earth Week” by volunteering in activities from Samen voor Eindhoven. More than 100 volunteers from NXP in Eindhoven daily participated in these activities.


“Many know that bees cause pollination and thus make the growth of many of our foods possible. But not only our food, also that of many animals on this earth. We simply cannot live without the bees. “ – Maarten Arts,  verification and validation expert @NXP and beekeeper

Volunteers from NXP who participated in this activity have made braid willows, did garden work, sowed butterfly mixtures, made bee hotels and components of hives.

Want to know more about the bee activity, read the blog from Bridget Alcione Spoor


SWZ Zonhove in Son en Breugel offers children and adults with a (serious) disability lifecycle-proof living, working, learning and leisure in a caring, protected and safe environment.

NXP volunteers worked with the disabled in the vegetable garden. They made the garden summer proof and did other various jobs in and around the garden.


On Tuesday a group of NXP volunteers went to collect plastic waste under “the Hogt” junction, close to the High Tech Campus and the A2 highway. A very interesting activity which had a great impact on the volunteers:

“You pick up so much plastic in one hour! I believe that people are less likely to throw something away when nature is clean” – Lisette Cornelissen, Business Supporter @NXP


The world is small for people in care institutions. They are less mobile and it is difficult physically or mentally to go out independently. Because of this limitation, social isolation is lurking. That is why we give these people extra attention. Because the residents of Vitalis Wissehaege love to be outdoors, we want to spoil them with a walk to the Genneper Parks.

NXP volunteers walked with the elderly to the Genneper Hoeve to enjoy the sun and see the farm animals. ‘It was really fun walk and talk, we talked about working together at Philips’.

Have you missed the volunteer activities from NXP’s Earth Week? Don’t worry! You can still volunteer one day for Eindhoven! Register now.



Fotografie: Martien Schouten, Bea Straver en eigen beeldmateriaal