A Community Coach as a catalyst for your foundation

Chantal Kaya of Workshop Finance:

"Regina from Philips was my coach. I learned a lot from her, both in my personal development and in the workplace. Among other things, we implemented LEAN in the workplace together. Community Coaching was a wonderful process to experience!"
Community Coaching program for 10 enthusiastic foundations

Do you sometimes dream of your foundation or community organization having the same access to marketing, technology, strategy, communications and resources as businesses? Within this program, we connect the thinking and canvas of business with nonprofit organizations and their social issues.

Program Objective

The goal of this program is to achieve more social impact together in the Eindhoven region by making pro bono advice an integral part of a nonprofit's strategy. And at the same time broaden your network. You are in contact with other non-profit organizations and companies in the region and we support you with workshops to gain additional knowledge, inspiration and ideas. The community coach is the point of contact for your foundation and is your sparring partner, helping you to clearly formulate your question and ambition.

What does the Community Coach program entail? 

  • For 9 months, a foundation will have a "sparring partner" and coach from the business community with whom you will be in contact an average of twice a month.
  • On the basis of a good pro bono analysis and an inspiring acquaintance with all participants, Samen voor Eindhoven ensures a match with a community coach that fits the foundation and the foundation's issue. Using our social innovation methodology, the foundation together with the coach puts the ambition, priorities and key organizational issues on paper. From this, the foundation and the coach together make a plan for the coming year. We help with this by offering the workshop 'strategy in one afternoon'.

What does the foundation get in return? As a nonprofit, you invest your time, but you get a lot in return.

  • You work with your community coach on an issue or the annual plan with the goal: even more impact for your organization.
  • Community: you can call on Together for Eindhoven and the alumni of the previous program throughout the course.
  • You get access to knowledge about social innovation and can develop yourself through workshops. And you develop your own competencies and broaden your horizons through Action-Learning during the course.
  • But above all, satisfaction, fun and inspiration . The program is energizing and good for your network too.
  • Your coach's network also provides easier access to new potential relationships, expertise, partners, business executives.

Participating in 2020? We ask the following:

  • You are open and curious to learn from others.
  • Drive and commitment-also within your organization-to commit to a community coach for over six months and to be in contact with each other approximately twice a month.
  • You attend the workshops and network meetings for a small year: You participate in 3/4 joint events from approximately 14.00 - 19.00 hours with all participating partners / companies per year. Think of the kick-off of the program with the 'match moment', one day internship at the company of your coach and your coach walks with you for 1 day, a peer review, knowledge sessions at the companies of the participating coaches and after 9 months the evaluation and kick out meeting.

A contribution of € 250 per civil society organization (excluding VAT) for the development and facilitation of the program and for out-of-pocket costs (location, catering). This can be in the form of a partnership of your organization with Together for Eindhoven.

We look forward to receiving your interest/registration for a next program (i.e. after 2019) at info@samenvooreindhoven.nl. For questions, please contact Esther Hofstede 06 - 4603 1010.

Partners of Samen voor Eindhoven
The partner companies in the Samen voor Eindhoven network are participating and offering an employee as a Commuity Coach: DLL, NXP, PwC, Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven, Woonbedrijf.

As an intermediary and independent party, develops and facilitates Together for Eindhoven this program, collects the issues, organizes the networking and training moments, has access to a large business network and maintains warm relationships with many social initiatives in Eindhoven. Because of its independence, it has an overview of the interests of all parties and monitors and evaluates the cooperation.

Community Coaches strengthen foundations in social entrepreneurship

"I have learned a lot from it myself. Within the business world, the social aspect is underexposed. You learn that with this programme."Michael Schuren, Vion Food Group

On 15 March, the final meeting of the Community Coaches programme took place at the Circulo Foundation, located in the old school building in Strijp Dorp. An interactive afternoon under the inspiring leadership of a creative and strategic team of various housing corporations , including Wilbert van Bakel and Jeroen Cras. The coaches and coachees looked back on the past year, gave each other tips and compliments and paid attention to the results, but certainly also to learning points. What was the best and what could be improved? They stepped into a time machine with a flashback to the start of the programme and shared their dreams of where they would be in three years' time. Finally, the couples managed to visualise their concept and vision in a particularly creative way in a living painting. Below you will find the photos. (Group photo: Bea Straver)

A valuable programme for both

The community coaches programme started last May. The participants followed three inspiring workshops on coaching, vision and positioning. They made plans together to achieve the goals, visited each other regularly to spar, coach or visit another organisation. They organised speed dating sessions for job seekers or helped each other with a good presentation or an annual planning and budget in Excell. The coaches from the business community particularly appreciated the programme because they were able to take a close look in the kitchen of social entrepreneurship, with their feet in the clay, very practice-oriented, learn to look differently, broaden their horizons and develop their coaching skills. The foundations were able to professionalise their organisation by focusing more on entrepreneurship, learning to work systematically, to focus on the result and to build up their network. Learning points are expectation management at the start of the programme, more intervision and sharing knowledge and expertise within the group, better matching of demand and coach and offering extra support when a match threatens to be diluted by internal or external factors.