Knowledge Café: November 18, 2021:

use social media 

Want to learn more about using Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn for your community organization? Then follow this free webinar and learn more about the do's & don'ts on social media, when to use or not use #hashtags, how stories score and ... we will make a 'post' together, because practical, that's what this webinar is anyway. Afterwards, it will be easier, or perhaps less exciting, for you to post on your community organization's social media channel. So you might get more brand awareness and volunteers or give a behind-the-scenes look to your followers.

May-Britt Aarts-Aalbers, Content Marketer at C-Touch and volunteer at, among others, the Animal Shelter, shares knowledge and tips together with Marbritta van Boldrik, Content Manager at Samen voor Eindhoven, in this online knowledge café on November 18 (12.45-14.00).

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