Meet2Match Communications November 24, 2017

Communication indispensable for civil society organizations.

Communication professionals have a wonderful profession. Because it's about touching people and moving them. It's about connecting social organisations with their beneficiaries and volunteers. Dialogue and support. Positioning and profiling. About stories and media. About the right language and tone. The work of communications professionals touches all social issues and major themes of our time. And is internationally recognized as one of the most pressing issues for NGOs and foundations.

Photo Arno Fooij

Friday 24th of November
Meet2Match Communication

A communication boost for civil society organisations and foundations!
Communication is essential in our society. Communication is really about your organisation: about who you are and how you make contact with others. Find out during Meet2Match Communication what your own style of communication is. Learn how to use this immediately to share your best stories and to make (online) contact with your target group and the media. In one workshop you will get many tips to put into practice.

Do you work for a social organisation or foundation in Eindhoven?

Then we would like to invite you to the Meet2Match Communication on November 24, 2017. Where you will get a communication boost for your organisation in one afternoon. Sign up now for one of the four workshops from top professionals in the communications profession. This is their day for Eindhoven! Don't miss it!

Pro Bono Lab for communication professionals with a heart of gold!
This year we are organising PRO BONO LAB for the 2nd time. This methodology originates from America, where for one day a team of 3 - 5 experienced professionals from LICHT and YER will look for concrete solutions to an urgent communication issue of a social organisation. This year we will be working for Ervaring die Staat, Stichting Ik wil, Mytylschool Eindhoven, De Liefdesdokter and Weekendschool.

Are you a communications professional?

Then apply now and we will match you with a social organization where you can add invaluable value in one day together with a team of passionate communication colleagues. Who, like you, get energy from doing something good for others.
This M2M Communication is an initiative of Samen voor Eindhoven in collaboration with LICHT Marketing & Communicatieprofessionals, YER, CC03 and Seats2meet Eindhoven Strijp-S.PRO BONO DAY M2M Communication 2017

In the middle of a group of volunteers of the foundation Ik Wil. Yesterday she shared her story with her son Ziya and co-founder Leyla. How they started a movement five years ago in the district Woensel Zuid West in Eindhoven. With the motivation 'Everyone belongs'. It was special to experience how their compassion was tangible in the room. And that because of their way of living and dealing with other people, there are a lot of achievements on the name of Ik Wil.

Yesterday evening they asked the foundation Samen voor Eindhoven for help. This foundation sees if there is a match between people who put their heart and soul into a social cause and a team of professionals who can help them. This is done free of charge. The idea behind it is that if 70,000 professionals in Eindhoven put their talent, energy, knowledge, heart and hands into it for one day, solutions, connections, insights and improvements will emerge.

I was already allowed to experience this in 2016 thanks to the connection Licht made for me towards Samen voor Eindhoven. With fellow professionals I worked with great pleasure for Markieza. And this year I didn't have to think long to start putting my heart and head into a social cause again. So last night my heart filled up when hearing Esra's story, seeing the fire in Leyla's eyes and after Ziya's sharp answers. I wanted to continue with them. And it was a match! On 24 November, I will be working with a team of communication professionals on their issue.

Stichting Ik Wil organises encounters and realises connections in the Woensel neighbourhood and is currently experiencing great success with about 150 volunteers who cook, garden, repair, just be there for others, give training, etc. And not only for the Turkish community. The strength of Ik Wil lies in its motivation: Everyone belongs and is therefore allowed to participate. Whether you are an immigrant living here, a refugee from your own country, a lonely Dutchman or you just find it important to help others.

The movement is moving and will not stop. And that's the last thing these three people want. And that is why we are going to help them on November 24th. So that they can pass on their life's work and way of working and living to the people around them. A challenge! But with many hands, hearts, knowledge and energy I am convinced that we will succeed again in helping them a step further.

And if you would like to help, please let us know at Samen voor Eindhoven. Your hands, heart and energy are welcome.