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Meet and Match Online

Something magical happens when companies and civil society organisations 'do good' together. We see this every day. For years, Samen voor Eindhoven has been the bridge builder between companies and social organisations. Thanks to the expertise, time, talent and hands of volunteers from the business community, we support social organisations and charities to make even more impact. To contribute to a better world, a closer Brainport Eindhoven. And what turns out? Digital meetings work at least as well as in real life.

Join Meet and Match Online

We connect the wishes and requests for help of social organisations with companies that 'want to do good'. We now do this during the online match event 'meet & match' on various days:

  • 23 March 11.30-12.45
  • 29 April 11.30-12.45
  • 29 June 11.30-12.45

Meet and Match in brief:

  • We invite companies and civil society organisations and enter into new partnerships online;
  • During a short, powerful pitch, the participants clarify their supply and demand;
  • All participants can make a 'match' to contribute to a question;
  • In one hour, you speak to many people effectively;
  • Samen voor Eindhoven facilitates before, during and after the match event, including the follow-up of the matches.

And whatever happens, it's great fun. Doing something good makes everyone feel good. New partnerships provide both the social and the business community with new insights, collaborations and concrete matches. And... that magical feeling. 

As a social organisation, you often have a shortage of manpower and resources and you are often too small to have specialised knowledge in-house. Think of issues on IT, HR, AVG expertise, marketing and communications, developments in social media, etc. To what extent is it possible to find partners in the business community to support you in this? 

You are a committed entrepreneur and see that social issues are growing. You would like to make an impact and use your expertise and time to help people in need. During the online Meet & Match, get to know non-profit organisations in an efficient and effective way. Share your knowledge and expertise and together create a large social impact and contribute to the further strengthening and professionalisation of non-profit organisations.

☕ 👩🏻💻 Digital coffee hour

One week before each Meet & Match Online, there is a 'digital coffee hour' from 11.00 - 12.00. Without agenda, drinking coffee and talking to each other (via MS Teams). We think along with your pitch, you can ask questions and we listen to your questions and story. You will get new ideas from the social field and you will expand your network immediately. Effective and efficient networking and matching from home with a cup of coffee.

Samen Koffie Onlineloop:

  • 16 March 11.00-12.00
  • 22 April 11.00-12.00
  • 22 June 11.00-12.00

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