The 5 principles for valuable corporate volunteering for engaged entrepreneurs

Samen voor Eindhoven has a co-creation link with branch network of volunteer organizations in the Netherlands: NOV (Mensen maken Nederland). They stand up for the interests of volunteers and strengthen the position of volunteering in our society. Almost 7 million people in the Netherlands volunteer. Our entire society benefits from this. Those who volunteer deserve professional attention and support. NOV takes care of that.


To make doing well easier, NOV developed the Good Busy toolkit. The toolkit does not stand alone. It is part of the Good Busy program and is based on three pillars:action: 'our company also participates', inspiration: examples, webinars, exchange and finally knowledge.

Esther Hofstede (founder Samen voor Eindhoven) developed this toolkit together with NOV.

To develop Good Busy and this toolkit, we drew inspiration from and worked with Chris Jarvis, director of the RW Institute in Baltimore. Chris is an international authority, a TEDx speaker and an inspiration with knowledge of all facets. How to organize employee volunteering. What might be of interest to your company or organization. And especially how to involve your people in your social commitment, using 5 success principles. The approach is practical, from the perspective of companies. 

We have translated Chris Jarvis' 5 principles for valuable corporate volunteering and put them into the Dutch context. Good Busy is for experienced do-gooders, but also for entrepreneurs who want to take the first step towards volunteering.

👍🏼 Good Busy

Fun fact: "good busy" originated during Pro Bono Communications in 2020. NOV was in need of marketing and communication knowledge. A team of marcom professionals applied their knowledge and skills pro bono (voluntarily) to NOV's issue. Among others, Studio Lauda worked with NOV and 'good busy' was born....

Together for Eindhoven works with every volunteer activity according to Chris Jarvis' successful methodology. In this way the volunteer activity makes even more impression and impact on the corporate volunteers, with a 'deeper layer' or the so-called transforming experience. Our entire team is certified according to his methodology 'empathy in motion: the power of employee volunteering. Watch more of his videos here.