Pro Bono Communication Lab 4 October 2019

Stefanie Kollen of LICHT

"What an enormous energy the Pro Bono Lab produced this year: a combination of inspired work by over 60 (interim) professionals who together give something backto society. In a one-day pressure cooker setting they worked out communication issues for foundations in the Brainport region. Thanks in part to the tried and tested Pro Bono Lab methodology, there was a sense of focus and grip and all the volunteers quickly got off the starting blocks. The output of the day was - besides solved issues - ' inspiration and energy for everyone!" #doinggoodmakesyouhappy

Watch the wonderful documentary about this day by Meike Jentjes, Journalism student, here

Doing good makes so many people happy

Ever thought that with your marketing & communications knowledge and skills you can make a lasting impact on a non-profit organization in the Brainport region in one day? And that by doing so you can boost not only the social foundation but also the work happiness for yourself and within your company/department?

Pro bono means spending one working day applying your professional skills to a community organization's communication issue. Pro bono is an important tool for social innovation because it provides community organizations and foundations with essential skills they often lack.

Join the movement

This year Pro Bono Communication Lab was organized on Friday, October 4, 2019, "at the smartest square kilometer in Europe" or High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Pro Bono Communication Lab was organized together with Licht (= the link between independent marketing and communication professionals), Online marketing agency Happy Idiots , Municipality of Eindhoven and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

What is currently the communication challenge for charities?

Better visible and findable

"How do we increase our visibility and appeal?" and "How do we profile ourselves online? While it has become easier to reach target audiences, it has become more difficult to be heard and understood. Therefore, charities deploy online campaigns and tools to mobilize volunteers, but also to convey the right message to (financial) partners and stakeholders.

But how do they do it?

This trend is changing the way organizations in the nonprofit sector communicate. The rapid growth of online communication requires new knowledge & skills. And that's where the marcom professionals helped the foundations tremendously in one day. At the end of the day, each team presented their approach:

  • Playpark de Splinter was treated to an amazing anti-smoking campaign, completely customized for the play park.
  • Gijsje Eigenwijsje Foundation went home with an effective online strategy for recruiting many more donors for a priceless and valuable week away for families with a seriously ill child.
  • For Stichting Eindhoven News, the proposition and positioning for the international companies were reviewed and they were given tools to better communicate their added value.
  • The food bank was treated to a creative recruitment campaign.
  • And the Living Room was awed by a complete new look and feel for their website with an impactful corporate story.

All participants and foundations were heavily impressed with the result. Thank you all for your contribution, energy, knowledge and skills. Together you have made Brainport a little more beautiful!

Are you a marcom professional or foundation interested in participating next year? Then sign up now at