"The team of communications professionals articulate exactly what The Love Doctor does"

Inge van der Vorst (The Love Doctor)

Photography: DidieThatcommunication is indispensable for civil society organizations proved (again) during the successful 5th edition of the Pro Bono Lab Communication 2017 event at Seats2meet Eindhoven Strijp-S.

Under the guise of "one day for Eindhoven," 35 driven communication professionals from LICHT Marketing & Communication Professionals, YER and CC-03, among others, helped five social organizations on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017: Experience that State, Foundation I Want!, Love Doctor, Mytylschool and Weekend School, with concrete marketing & communication issues. And all for free, or Pro Bono.

Pro Bono Volunteer Leaders
Thanks to the thorough preparation of the volunteer leaders, the teams started the Pro bono Lab with a deeper diagnosis, analysis and plan of action. After lunch, depending on each person's specialization and talent, they worked hard to develop communication tools. The results of this day, from core message to web texts, film scripts, content plan per core target group, repositioning and profiling to a new internal communication structure, were shared during an inspiring plenary closing. Most communication professionals could not get enough in one day and offered their knowledge and expertise to elaborate further parts after this Pro bono day. This resulted in huge professional communication bootstraps for the foundations. Keep an eye on them, because we are going to hear a lot from them! (rating Pro Bono Lab 8.6)
Workshop Afternoon 
The workshops were enthusiastically delivered by experienced communications professionals to over 30 employees of community organizations and foundations. They went home with concrete handles and tools to get started themselves.
1. Media training; what are the do's and don'ts around media (rating: 10).
2. Social media Content training; during this interactive training, participants will learn how to best use different types of posts to make your Social Media campaign a success. (Rating: 8.8)
3. Writing training; as a foundation or charity, employees want to get the plans and experiences well down on paper. During this workshop, they learn to write to capture head and heart;. (rating: 8.5)
4. Jump Movement!; in this Jump, participants take a big step forward by using your own talents even more for the growth of your organization and yourself. (rating: 8.8)

Nathalie van Hooijdonk (Volunteer Leader for I Want Foundation!) via Facebook:


"The energy is palpable the moment you walk in. The murmurs, the laughter, the hugs, the warmth. Those are the perks on a day like todayag. It's only eight hours, all right, and that little bit on top, but believe me, you do it gladly. Eight hours a year of your working life you give up pro bono, from your heart, free, gratuitous, for nought, to foundations that don't have the money to bring in certain expertise. But who do feel the pain of growth, who do have issues that are now hindering them from going forward, who just hard needed.

Such a pro bono day, organized annually by Samen voor Eindhoven, always feels more than good. The connection, the focus on results and the energy that comes with it. But I also felt something else today. A feeling of 'We're not done yet, we'll help a little further' ... because as professionals, we do want to see results.

That was my day. Which I experienced finely with Marieke Verhoeven, Simone Hein, Didie Schackman, Marjan van Wijngaarden and Ingrid. Thank you girls that we could do this together. And you there, from that special foundation IK WIL, Eindhoven... you are not rid of us yet....!!!"

Curious about the experiences of foundations and professionals? Watch the videos below.
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Photography, courtesy of the volunteer efforts of Image Boss & Didie