ED: Together for Eindhoven hands out laptops to the city

23 July 2020, in Eindhovens Dagblad:

"Research by library director Albert Kivits has shown that in the Brainport region, no fewer than one in eleven children do not have a laptop or a PC and therefore lag behind in general development. This finding is reason for Samen voor Eindhoven to continue its efforts in this project.They hope to be able to hand out another 150 laptops by the end of the summer.

Read here the article in the ED of 27 July 2020
Digital literacy is the basis for an innovative region

Through its contacts with the national non-profit organisation Allemaal Digitaal, Samen voor Eindhoven received 150 laptops and distributed them among social organisations in Eindhoven that could really use these digital resources.

Basic requirement

Samen voor Eindhoven and Allemaal Digitaal believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to feel involved in our society. Being digitally connected is not a luxury, it has become a basic need. For people, access to digital devices means access to school, work and contacts. Opportunities to develop, to be involved and to make a difference. Used laptops and tablets are therefore collected by Allemaal Digitaal, cleaned and delivered to selected organisations like Samen voor Eindhoven. Samen voor Eindhoven donates the laptops to social organisations in Eindhoven that work with vulnerable groups that need it the most.

Together for Eindhoven

Esther Hofstede, director of Samen voor Eindhoven, says: "We made an inventory among the social organisations in our network and it turned out that there was a great need for laptops and iPads. They enable these organisations to do their work more effectively and efficiently, especially now that their employees and volunteers often work from home. But most often they are used to lend to people from their target group who are in difficulty. Children who need a laptop for school, newcomers who want to learn the Dutch language, people who suffer from loneliness or who are becoming isolated again.

"For example, 15 laptops went to the Living Room for Refugees in Eindhoven. They give Dutch language lessons to about 40 homeless refugees. A number of them now have a laptop on loan to support them in learning the Dutch language. When they have mastered the language, they hand in the laptops and someone else can use them. Esther continues.

Donate for school children

Together for Eindhoven and Albert Kivits, director of the Eindhoven Library, made an inventory at schools and it turns out that there is a huge need for laptops (1.000 pcs) for many children! "In our Brainport, 1 in 11 schoolchildren has no access to a laptop or PC. They cannot develop an important skill in this day and age, such as digital skills. And therefore they lag behind in their general development," says Albert Kivits.

So if you or your company would like to make a digital contribution, you can. Gladly even. Almost every Dutch person and every company has a tablet or laptop lying around. Allemaal Digitaal can give these a second life to someone who needs it most. The newer the better, of course. But even very old, unusable devices are recycled (the monetary value is donated to buy new laptops). Therefore, we call on everyone to look for old laptops or tablets and donate them.

Do you or your company also want to donate? Go to www.allemaal-digitaal.nl to read more about this action. Only together will we succeed in connecting everyone in the Netherlands digitally.

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Photography by Beeldbaas