This is what you can do

Take action!

Volunteering in a different way: virtually at a distance. Wonderful initiatives arise now that the coronavirus is in the Netherlands to mean something for vulnerable people. We make an inventory of the needs and wishes and bring them to the attention of the public. online mapping. Every day, Samen voor Eindhoven connects companies with the social organisations and charities that dedicate themselves to vulnerable people who need them. Due to the measures taken to try to contain the coronavirus, things are not going as they should at the moment. This has major consequences for, for example, the elderly, the homeless and refugees. That is why we are working together with civil society organisations. That way we take care of each other.

This is what you can do for people who are on their own

On social media, we notice that the supply is now even greater than the demand. But where can people go? How do we bring supply and demand together? On our volunteer calendar You will find activities you can do as a volunteer. For example, making sure that the homeless in Eindhoven receive a meal and a shower package, sending a vlog, a card (or a child's drawing) to the elderly, or doing translation work. Of course, we stick to the RIVM-guidelines. In this, Samen voor Eindhoven cooperates with the national Samen voor colleagues in other places, NLCares and the global Points of Light organisation, sharing knowledge and good examples through the national and global network of colleagues in Asia, America, Paris and Italy who already have experience in this situation.