Webinar 24 June: Successful and impactful employee volunteering

As an organisation, you don't just want to stand out with your products or services. Nowadays, you make a difference with your social involvement, with issues such as social return, diversity and inclusiveness. Making a case for this increases goodwill with your target groups. And it increases your employees' pride in you as an employer. But how do you organise 'corporate volunteering' as an organisation? You can hear, learn and see this on Thursday 24 June during the webinar 'Successful and impactful employee volunteering, the 5 principles for the next step'.

What can you expect?

Our speaker is an international authority in this field: Chris Jarvis. He is mainly known from his TEDx presentations. Chris is a source of inspiration with knowledge of all facets. How to organise employee volunteering. What the importance is for companies. And especially how you involve your people in your social commitment, based on the 5 principles of success. The approach is practical, from the perspective of companies.

I have been working with Chris Jarvis for a number of years. I am impressed by how, based on scientific insights, he has developed an innovative view on how volunteering positively affects the world. Not only because the volunteer gives something to someone else, but also because it enriches the volunteer.Dr. Lonneke Roza conducted research at Rotterdam School of Management for many years and is chairman of Vattenfall Foundation and board member of Facilicom Foundation.

Who is organising the webinar?

The webinar is the start of Good Busy, a new community of companies that want to contribute to social issues. Good Busy is an initiative of the NOV Association, the branch organisation for voluntary action. NOV organises the webinar in cooperation with the Facilicom Foundation and the Vattenfall Foundation.

For whom is this webinar a must-see?
  • If, as a company, you want to contribute to social issues by making the knowledge, expertise and time of your employees available, but you don't know where to start or get stuck in the implementation;
  • If you are a commercial company, from small to large (also corporate foundations);
  • If you are a DGA, CEO and a decision-maker or influencer in the field of HR, communication or CSR.
Date and time

Thursday 24 June 2021, from 15.30 to 16.30. The working language during the webinar is English.

Sign up:

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Together for Eindhoven works with every volunteer activity according to the successful methodology of Chris Jarvis. In this way, the volunteer activity makes an even greater impression and impact on the corporate volunteers, with a 'deeper layer' or the so-called transforming experience. Our whole team is certified according to his methodology 'empathy in motion: the power of employee volunteering. Watch more of his videos here.