Young ASML Professionals voor de Stadsakkers

“When engineers became farmers for half a day.”

Tim van Werkhoven, ASMLCategorie: Zinvolle teambuilding
Match: Young ASML Professionals met de Stadsakkers Eindhoven
Wat: Young ASML Professionals aan de slag voor de Stadsakkers
Wanneer: Donderdag 29 juni

On Thursday June 29 a group of Young ASML members volunteered at the Stadsakkers where they helped to sow seeds, pluck weeds, and harvest vegetables.

After a brief introduction by Claire from Samen voor Eindhoven, the caretakers of the Stadsakkers Frans and Ans showed us around and explained the different crops they’re growing. The Stadsakkers have two farms around Eindhoven, both used to grow food for the Food bank of Eindhoven, which helps out underprivileged families. As they’re dependent on volunteers to help out on the farm, they were happy with our visit.
We split up in groups to work on different parts of the farm, some went to harvest zucchini, others planted leek or red beets, and one group went to pluck weeds that were overgrowing the normal crops. Frans explained that they do not use pesticides, so there is a lot of manual labor involved. Fortunately the team took up the challenge and went straight to work.
At the end of the day they harvested more than 200 zucchinis, planted 500 red beet plants, hundreds of leek plants and plucked numerous buckets of weeds. As a reward everyone could take home a few vegetables fresh from the farm.
This Young ASML event was made possible by ASML’s Volunteering Policy, which is supported by ASML Foundation. Samen voor Eindhoven helps us to facilitate four events a year for our Young ASML group.
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