United for Youth

United for Youth:

Cooperation and exchange of experiences for Corporate Volunteering in Europe







We are in Lithuania to take the pulse of corporate volunteering among young workers from four European countries: Holland, Spain, Lithuania and Ukraine. United for Youth is funded by Erasmus+  EU program.

The purpose of the program is:

  • Strengthening corporate volunteering among youth;
  • Improving recognition of the competencies gained through non-formal education;
  • Fostering multicultural and intersectional collaboration.

The kick off was hosted by the initiator of the program Social Action in Vilnius. United for Youth is an Erasmus+ project from the EU whose main objective during its two years is to inform and involve companies and organizations on the skills and impact of qualitative volunteering among their young employees.

Social Action, the host organization which works to promote volunteering and social action in her country, presented the situation of corporate volunteering and the challenges of the region and offered visits to non profit organizations, corporations and private initiatives as case for the situation.

The project duration is two years and consists of practice exchange visits, research, methodical publication, conference in Lithuania and a training course in Ukraine. February 2019 the partners will visit Holland/ Samen voor Eindhoven to share experiences. Partners will publicize the project and its result in their countries.

The main intellectual output will be the joint and collaborative implementation Manual for corporate volunteering (Manual for corporate volunteering) with the results of the experiences acquired during the realization of the project.

If your company would like to partner for this program your are welcome to join! Contact esther@samenvooreindhoven.nl

Consortium includes:



Funded under the European Union program Erasmus+.