With picnic basket on safari in the Wasven in Eindhoven

EINDHOVEN - The staff and volunteers of Groendomein Wasven have used the past period to develop and implement new activities and ideas.

A new feature, for example, is the possibility of having a picnic basket made ready for you, filled with all sorts of products from our own land, greenhouse, bakery and guesthouse. With the picnic basket in hand, visitors can go on a beautiful walk, a 'safari', in the Green Domain. There are also search cards, treasure hunts and knapsacks for the children. The picnic baskets and knapsacks must be reserved in advance via the website.

"The bread I buy here is made from rye that grows here.

Regular customer Kees

The temporary shop in the tent on the premises, where products are sold that are made in the bakery, among other things, has also been refurbished. Regular customer Kees is very pleased with the new look of the tent: Compact and nice and clear. The bread I buy here is made from rye that grows here. The rye is then milled into flour at the Genneper Mill. The bakers at the bakery here then bake this bread from it, the Akkertje. How organic can you get?

Cooperation with Local Food
Volunteer Caroline Beer has enjoyed working in the shop for five and a half years. It now really feels like a country shop. Of course, this is a temporary solution; when everything is allowed again, we will start selling from the bakery shop. And we have also entered into a collaboration with Local Food Eindhoven. They work with small-scale farmers, bakers, butchers, brewers and other artisanal food producers in and around Eindhoven. Through their website, our products are now available every day, so convenient," she says.

In addition, employees and volunteers devised a communication strategy with corporate volunteers from De Lage Landen through the so-called 'community coach project'. This resulted in a new slogan: 'We are the Wasven. Green in everything we do' and a new website.

Staff and volunteers invite everyone to come and take a look and enjoy this special place in Eindhoven. The hospitality tent is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm. And don't forget to admire the newborn lambs.