Our vision

In 2025, we will build long-term partnerships with all our network partners to make a real difference through co-creation and community building. We add value to the local community by connecting businesses, the municipality and civil society organisations.

Corporate volunteers embrace our values and are committed to making a vital contribution to our local community. By putting their professional skills and talents to work for civil society organizations, company volunteers also experience more meaningfulness and job satisfaction themselves.

Through the use of smart technology we are able to mobilize more business volunteers via a digital platform. This contributes to maximizing efficiency, impact and flexibility.

We support the social infrastructure in the region and strengthen the impact of civil society organisations by deploying company volunteers for the common good. They can subscribe to recurring calendar and skills-based programmes. In this way, we make more impact when it comes to achieving the Global Goals. We continuously measure the impact of our efforts.

Our core values

Working together | Connecting | Inspiring

Our mission statement

We create impactful connections between companies, civil society organisations and the local government. Together, we are building a closer Brainport that everyone can participate in.

We bring companies and civil society organisations together so that civil society organisations can use the time and talent of employees to increase impact or offer extras to their clients or vulnerable people.

By building a more cohesive society based on mutual understanding, we support companies and civil society organizations to realize their contribution to the Global Goals.

Policy plan

Readour policy plan and the standard form publication obligation for ANBIhere .