Podcast: CSR Talks

In this very first podcast CSR Talks Esther Hofstede (founder Samen voor Eindhoven) in conversation with Marije Rhebergen (Head of Sustainability/CSR at DLL). About how to mobilize your employees to volunteer. At our committed partner DLL they have experience with this: more than 73% of the employees participate. DLL employees have two days a year to volunteer during working hours. It's part of their culture and it's in DLL's DNA. A high percentage ((73%) of employees participate in the volunteer program. Marije explains how DLL mobilizes its employees to participate and why the program is so successful. What are the lessons learned and tips she shares with other companies? What is the business case?

This podcast made PR Agency LEWIS Global Communications pro bono for us.

In CSR Talks, Esther Hofstede talks to companies: what does their CSR strategy look like? What opportunities and challenges do they see? What affects employees and how does it affect them?

We all want a better world. Together for Eindhoven believes, and sees in practice, that something magical happens when companies and social organizations 'do good' together. We build bridges between companies, social organizations and local government and together we create a closer society where everyone can participate. For example, we help foundations and charities make more impact, through the commitment of time, hands and talent of corporate volunteers. We help companies to 'do good by doing good', i.e. to design a CSR policy together and to make choices that fit the organization's objectives. By building a closer society based on mutual understanding, we can all - civil society organizations and companies - contribute to the realization of the Global Goals.



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