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Meet our team

In 2012, Esther Hofstede founded Samen voor Eindhoven. Back then an attic room as a workplace/office in the Woensel West neighborhood. Now we work from the office of partner NXP at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Brainport Development. With 9 team members strong and since April 1, 2023 Paul Ypinga at the helm.

We are professionals in design and implementation of impactful employee engagement or employee volunteering programs. We are all certified by the RW Institute for the Empathy in Motion course on impactful volunteer programs. In addition, we stay abreast of the latest developments, trends and programs through our (inter)national networks and contacts at Points of Light, Global Pro Bono Network, Platform Vrijwillige Inzet (NOV) and the national foundation Samen voor Betrokken Ondernemen.

Connecting companies with each other, connecting organizations with each other, connecting companies with organizations, but above all connecting people with each other. Together we are stronger and together we find appropriate solutions. I strongly believe in this and how wonderful that I can do this with Samen voor Eindhoven. Making Brainport Eindhoven even stronger, better and more social, for everyone!

Patricia Beumer

partnership manager

'Connecting is in my genes'


As a creative and energetic partnership manager with a connecting grassroots attitude, I am driven to create lasting impact in Brainport Eindhoven. Doing good makes you happy. 

Ola Alchaghouri

office manager

'United we stand, divided we fall.'


With a lot of energy and love I work for Samen voor Eindhoven. Volunteering really appeals to me and through my position as office manager I play a role in making the connection between companies and social organizations in the Eindhoven region. This makes our society better and we take good care of each other. This is how we achieve global goal number 3: good health and well-being. Don't forget that a small gesture makes a big difference.

During the volunteer activities I did as a Rabobank employee (during working hours) through Samen voor Eindhoven, this always hit me right in the heart. Good Health and Well Being is therefore my favorite global goal. Giving others a good time makes me happy. Connecting social organizations and companies gives me such positive energy, I am proud that I can do that as an intermediary with Samen voor Eindhoven.

Julia Geerts

innovation intermediary

Nothing good comes from comfort zones'


As a Business Innovator graduate and with a Master's degree in New Media Design under my belt, I am in full development on an innovative, investigative and communicative level. By going outside my comfort zone in search of value creation, I contribute to the mission of Samen voor Eindhoven: together creating a large community of changemakers. I am therefore happy to commit to Global Goal number 17 (partnership to achieve the goals). Together you achieve so much more!

For 10 years I have been a fan of Samen voor Eindhoven. First from a social organization and later from the business side. How wonderful it is that I may now work for this wonderful organization. Both my worlds come together here. With my enthusiasm, I hope to reach and connect many more people for a cohesive society.

Marbritta van Boldrik

content & community manager

"Improve the world, start with yourself.


Waste in nature I cleaned up even before it became a 'sport' (plogging). Doing something 'good' is in my DNA and that is why working for Samen voor Eindhoven does not feel like working. For Global Goal number 4 (education) I am extra happy to make an effort. Because young learned, old done. 

Amy van Vliet

Support assistant

'Everyone matters'


I am driven by making a meaningful contribution to this society. Working at Samen voor Eindhoven means for me that I can mean something valuable to my fellow man. With my background as a nurse, I hope to use my knowledge for social partners of Samen voor Eindhoven. Global Goal 10 (reduce inequality) is something I support, because everyone belongs!


Hans-Martin Don

Together for Eindhoven

'One person can make a difference and everyone should try.'


Roos Fleuren

Together for Eindhoven

Director of HR Cooperative DELA

'I am convinced that people come to understand and respect each other when they do things together.'


Jean Schreurs

Together for Eindhoven

Executive Director NXP Netherlands

'Policy alone will not get us there. Businesses need to put their money where their mouth is and put great goals into practice.'


Ines Lopez Arteaga

General board member
Together for Eindhoven

Dean Bachelor College TU/e

'Doing good makes you happy.'