Business case and research

Engaged business is not charity. The business case emerges in several studies. We selected some relevant studies for you:

Business case employee volunteering
Tools for a purpose case

Skills-based volunteering (2022)
The benefits of skills-based volunteering programs for HR

Good Busy Toolkit 2: A Practical Playbook
This toolkit describes 5 steps to get started practically with programs for impact.

Good Busy Toolkit 1: design your strategy
The 5 success principles for impactful employee volunteer programs.

Impact research with social partners
Research according to the Theory of Change with social partners.

Research among more than 1,000 employees of the Brainport region.
Facilitated by consultants of Avance-Impact agency according to the change model (Theory of Change).

The Business case for HR - by Dr. Lonneke Roza.
In cooperation with NVP - national HR network.

The three prerequisites for successful skills-based volunteering (2021)
Mieke Nieuwdorp on social commitment as...

Volunteering increases employability of employees and teaches them social skills (2021)
Developing coaching... 

Volunteer Magazine Points of Light (2021)
Civic Life Today // Volunteer #4 

The Fundamentals of CSR
High-impact employee volunteering: Resources & Research overview.

Together for Eindhoven (2020)
Esther Hofstede about corporate volunteering. In it, the cooperation between companies...

Transformative Learning (2020)
This policy paper obtains information about how to...

Impact research (2020)
Theory of change among staff and community organizations

CECP (2020):
Giving in Numbers report...

Erasmus+ (2019):
Corporate volunteering and the positive impact on youth... 

Lou Reda (executive director at HandsOn Bay Area) about employee volunteering and the business case for human resource.

Deloitte Millennial Survey (2018):
Young workers are eager for...

Taproot foundation (2018):
Four key areas where pro bono can support HR outcomes and align with your team: 1) attracting, 2)...

Realized Worth (2018):
What is the impact of corporate volunteering on your health? Respondents that volunteered in...

Volunteermatch 2017
Doing good is good for you...

Erasmus University (2016):
Lonneke Roza's PhD thesis...

Erasmus University (2015):
Research by Erasmus University on how non-profits, ...

Boston College (2015):
Center for Corporate Citizenship: Community Involvement Study

RSM - Erasmus university (2014)
Why and how non-profit organisations, businesses and...

Corporate Volunteering in the Global Age (2012)
Businesses worldwide are...

Leadership and MD by volunteering (2011)
One of the most powerful ways ...

The Helper's High (2005)
A 2005 study showed that volunteers actually experience...

Empathy in motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering. Changing Hearts and Minds. By Chris Jarvis Founder of IMPACT2030 and CEO Realized Worth (Canada):

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