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Do you want to be of significance to others? Would you like to contribute in your own way to a close-knit Eindhoven where everyone can participate? Whether you are a social organization, a company or a corporate volunteer, together we make Eindhoven. Together for Eindhoven, Brainport for each other.

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Our dream

We all want a better world. We believe, and see in practice, that something magical happens when companies and social organisations 'do good' together. Together for Eindhoven is the bridge builder between companies, social organisations and the local government and together we ensure a more cohesive society where everyone can participate. For example, we help foundations and charities to make more impact by deploying the time, hands and talent of corporate volunteers. We help companies to 'do good by doing good', i.e. to jointly design a CSR policy and to make choices that are in line with the organisation's objectives. By building a more cohesive society based on mutual understanding, we can all - civil society organisations and companies - contribute to the realisation of the Global Goals.

Business case and research
Corporate Social Responsibility is not charity. The business case is highlighted in various studies. We have selected a number of relevant studies for you.
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