Pro Bono Communications: Nov. 8, 2024

It is becoming a household word in the Eindhoven region: the Pro Bono Communication Day where marketing and communication specialists use their expertise and passion. Together with a foundation / social organization they work on a very concrete communication issue. This year the Pro Bono day is on Friday, November 8. We are again guests at the Conference Centre at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Pro Bono (or in full pro bono publico) is an expression from Latin meaning "for the public good" in Dutch. Work by specialists performed voluntarily and unpaid in the service of society. 

For civil society organisations:

What an opportunity for your non-profit organization: you will work with a team of driven marketing and communications specialists. They are happy to volunteer their knowledge (and heart) for society and your social organization. The experience after a number of editions of Pro Bono Communication shows that it is really useful in practice.

For example, The Food Bank was treated to a creative recruitment campaign, The Living Room for Refugees received a complete new look and feel for their website, a team of communications specialists created an elaborate anti-smoking campaign for Speelpark de Splinter, and Markieza received two podcasts with stories from experts by experience.

Want knowledge, ideas and help with such things as your brand awareness, strategy, positioning, social media plan or website? Join this unique event. Julia Geerts of Samen voor Eindhoven will be happy to tell you more about what the Pro Bono day can do for you. 

For marketing and communications specialists:

Ever thought that with your marketing & communication knowledge and skills you could make a lasting impact on a non-profit organisation in the Brainport region? And that you can boost not only the social foundation but also your own job satisfaction and perhaps that of your company/department?

During Pro Bono, you combine inspired work and giving something back to society. In a small team of marcom specialists (about 6 to 8 people, from copywriter to creative, from strategist to SEO specialist) you work on a concrete communication issue of a local non-profit organization. Together with a professional from the nonprofit, you will work practically. After this day, the social organization can actually start working on the plans, ideas, and so on.

Pro Bono is an important tool for social innovation because it provides community organizations and foundations with essential skills they often lack. In short: the most fun communication event of the year, full of learning moments, meaning and collaborations. 



Interested in the Pro Bono Day on Nov. 8, 2024?

Contact Julia Geerts 

Pro Bono Communication Lab we organize annually together with LICHT (= the link between independent marketing and communication professionals), Eindhoven municipality and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.