The strength of the Brainport cooperation model has brought much to the region. The vaunted cooperation of government, industry and knowledge institutions has put us on the map as the top technological region in the Netherlands and Europe. Yet we see that not all residents in Eindhoven region feel part of the economic success. There have long been calls to develop a social-societal Brainport agenda in addition to the economic agenda and to intensify the cooperation with industry, knowledge institutions and social partners to ensure that everyone feels part of Brainport's success. Prosperity and well-being belong together.

Draw up public-private Social Brainport Agenda

Under the leadership of Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of Brainport Foundation, we are going to organize a structured consultation for this purpose. A platform with a broad reflection of social-society organizations, companies, governments and education who will discuss with each other what the most important social issues are, what we want to prioritize together and what we can cooperate on. Social organizations are indispensable in this cooperation. They know better than anyone else what is important to our residents and what companies, governments and educational and knowledge institutions can contribute to.

Brainport for each other program office

Together for Eindhoven joins existing cooperation initiatives Partnerfonds Brainport Eindhoven, Impact040, Brainport Development and municipalities of Helmond and Eindhoven are jointly starting the program office 'Brainport for each other'. A work organization where people work together every day to realize valuable social social initiatives, programs and projects. The strength of these programs and projects is their impact on the lives of the inhabitants of our region. Residents must feel and experience the positive effects in their daily lives because together - each organization from its own responsibility - we realize solutions to social and societal issues felt in the region.

Concrete programs

Currently, we are already working on programs and projects related to money worries, job search, volunteer projects in the social domain, help with low literacy, support in receiving (Ukrainian) refugees, and so on. We want to strengthen and continue these programs. And we want to continue working on new programs. In the cooperation between civil society organizations, companies, knowledge institutions and governments, we identify the most important themes. Companies can participate with expertise, brainpower, volunteers and financial resources. All help is needed.

What do we need?

To scale up these and new programs and make them a success, we need additional capacity and funding. In addition to what the current partner companies, organizations and governments are already providing, we are asking as many companies and organizations in the Brainport region as possible to join. Partners who believe that collaboration in Brainport also works for social societal challenges and are willing to co-invest. Will you join us? 

What will participation benefit your company or organization?

Participation not only means that you contribute to a livable Brainport Eindhoven, it is also good for your own company or organization. You also invest in the well-being, pride and loyalty of your employees. On the one hand because the program lines can have added value for your employees on the other hand because the use of company volunteers with knowledge (innovation) and time pays off. Feel free to contact Paul Ypinga, director Samen voor Eindhoven, to discuss the cooperation possibilities for your organization.