Doing good makes you happy volunteering during working hours

Many social organisations, foundations and residential care centres are short of manpower, expertise and resources to fulfil their mission every day. Would you like to do some good? Our business partners make their employees available to put their talent, knowledge, heart and hands to work. In this way, you can contribute - often even during working hours - to social issues and social problems. Alone or together with your colleagues as a 'meaningful team outing' or team building. But it is so much more than that. Corporate volunteering also brings you a lot. Meaningfulness, more understanding, new insights and contacts and fun. Because 'volunteering during working hours' is also a lot of fun!

What if 70,000 professionals use their talent, knowledge, heart and hands in Brainport Eindhoven one day? Together we will make Eindhoven closer.

Join us

If your employer is a partner of Samen voor Eindhoven, you can check this here and participate. As a company volunteer you choose when and at what activity you will be working. For a good cause that is close to your heart. We manage the volunteer activity and ensure that you or your team experience a day full of impact.


1. Look at the calendar and choose a suitable activity
2.Choose a suitable activity by theme, target group or talent
3. Register as a corporate volunteer

 We also like to think along with you for a tailored activity. Call, email, app or chat with us.

With one day a year you already mean a lot to Eindhoven and you have a great experience yourself:


Is your employer not (yet) a partner of Samen voor Eindhoven? Read about the advantages of corporate social responsibility here. Will you join us soon? Feel free to tip your employer to do well with us too. Gladly even!

Any questions? 

Email, app, call (06 23 45 24 52) or chat with us. Check out the tips to get your colleagues to do well, too, or check out the frequently asked questions

Experiences of company volunteers 

Are you in?

Through our calendar we make it easy to dedicate yourself to a charity where your passion and talent lie. Do you decide when, for whom and how often you want to volunteer? Join us and start right away!

Our committed business partners


Inform your employer of the possibilities of Samen voor Eindhoven by sending an e-mail!
Please mention below the name and e-mail address of the employer and yours. Thanks for your contribution!

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