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Our dream: A closer Brainport In the Eindhoven region, we dream of a world in which everyone can make a positive contribution. At Samen voor Eindhoven, we are convinced that something magical happens when companies and social organizations 'do good' together. As a bridge builder, we join hands with companies, social organizations and the local government, striving for a closer society in which participation is possible for everyone.

We connect businesses and community organizations:

Do you want to be of significance to another person in the Eindhoven region? Join Samen voor Eindhoven. As a company, so that your employees can support social organizations as volunteers or as a social organization because you are in need of support. Make a valuable contribution in your own unique way to the development of a close Brainport in which everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Building social impact

Together for Eindhoven acts as a catalyst for foundations and non-profit organizations, enabling them to make a greater impact in the community. We achieve this through the commitment of time, hands and talent of corporate volunteers. Joining these forces creates a synergy beyond individual efforts.

Counseling companies in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We help companies shape their CSR policy. Together, we take the time to make choices that align with the organization's goals. The goal is to "do good well," so that companies can have a positive impact on the community while meeting their own business objectives.

Join us, help build a better world!

Together for Eindhoven invites you to participate in our mission. Whether you are a company looking to improve its CSR efforts or a community organization looking for support, your involvement is the key to creating a closer society. Do good, get involved, and let's work together to create a better world for everyone in the Brainport region!

"We feel the impact of the gap in society," which is why we participate

One of the many examples of a company actively involved in Together for Eindhoven is Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne, which lends its support to the "Soup Bus Program.

Anouk Muntendam, commercial manager of Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne, emphasizes the importance of bridging the gap in society. Since 2018, the hotel has participated in the "Soup Bus Program" of Samen voor Eindhoven and the Salvation Army. Together with other hotels, they produce ten liters of soup at a time for homeless people. For Muntendam, it is an essential contribution: "That gap affects us, that's why we participate.

Together for Eindhoven: Bridge between businesses and society

Together for Eindhoven plays a crucial role in involving businesses in social issues. Paul Ypinga, the foundation's director, emphasizes the need for a closer, inclusive society without dichotomy. Corporate volunteers contribute to realizing this goal by helping out during workdays. Ypinga states, "The potential for knowledge, skill and hands of the business community is desperately needed."

15,000 Corporate Volunteers: Together for a Better Society

Together for Eindhoven has mediated more than 15,000 corporate volunteers in over 11 years. The organization coordinates and organizes activities between companies and non-profit organizations. With well-known actions such as "Warm a Heart, Give a Coat" and the Corporate Social Responsibility Brainport for Each Other Dinner, they ensure impact and inclusion.

Employee engagement: An asset in the tight labor market

In a tight labor market, it helps for employers to allow their employees to volunteer during work hours. An engaged company is often more successful in attracting and retaining talent. It offers employees a chance to learn new skills and experience civic engagement. Paul Ypinga emphasizes, "Doing good makes you happy."

Strengthening group spirit: Team experience with depth

Volunteering not only contributes to individual satisfaction, but also strengthens the group feeling within a company. Emile Peels, former director of ABC E Business, shares his experience: "People know how to find each other better on the shop floor afterwards. Meaning something together has added value."

Always something possible: Make a difference, big or small!

Together for Eindhoven makes it easy for companies, large and small, to make a difference. With activities like "Warm a Heart, Give a Coat," they offer opportunities for involvement. Emile Peels concludes, "Whether you're a big or small company, if you want to, something is always possible."


Eindhoven Airport employees structurally dedicate themselves to the community

Volunteering as part of corporate culture

At Eindhoven Airport, volunteering is not an occasional activity, but an integral part of the corporate culture. This is possible thanks to the hours provided by the employer and the impactful activities.

Streettour: An eye opener for airport employees

During the streettour , led by formerly homeless people, organized in cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven, 60 Eindhoven Airport employees experience a change in perspective. One participant, Mirjam, enthusiastically shares her contribution to the tour's giveaway store, where she donates items for socially vulnerable people. The initiative makes employees look at homeless people with different eyes, indicating the profound impact of this volunteer work.

Will you also help build an engaged society?

"Are you striving with us to create a movement in which professionals in the Brainport region put their talent, knowledge, heart or hands to work for a closer society? Will you help us realize this dream? Join Together for Eindhoven.

SMEs: Corporate Social Responsibility by Size

Especially SMEs, with their close connection to society, can play a significant role. Together for Eindhoven offers SMEs the knowledge and network to shape their social involvement and to 'unburden' them.