Many matches at the ASML Volunteer Fair

Category: Living together in neighbourhoods
Match: ASML and social organisations in the neighbourhood
What: ASML makes an active contribution to the local environment as a committed entrepreneur
Tuesday 27 June

"We welcomed 16 organisations at our Volunteer Fair 2017 in Veldhoven yesterday to pitch their volunteering vacancies, varying from being a buddy for a refugee to cleaning up the forest close to the ASML site! All ASML employees have 8 hours to spend freely on volunteering on a yearly basis, so the game was on.

Over the last year, 588 ASML employees participated in volunteering, which is equal to 3962 hours of volunteer work, equal to 495 days of work, equal to one employee working 2,5 year full time as a volunteer." (Source Facebook).

For the second time in a row, Samen voor Eindhoven organised the Volunteer Fair in cooperation with the ASML Foundation.

"The game was on

source: facebook