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'A successfactor for companies is the hooks with the business. Connected to strategy and goals. Also with goals of teams. Translate that through. Unleash passion in employees'.

Marije Rhebergen, Sustainability Manager DLL'As a social organization, don't assume that you will get a stage, you have to take the stage'.

Hans Brouwhuis, NXP semiconductors


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Our partners put more and more volunteers in motion for a closer society

Together for Eindhoven activates over 1,600 volunteers in 2017

Under the banner of 'commit one day to the Eindhoven community' work employees of our partners NXP, ASML, Coöperatie DELA, DLL, Holland Casino Eindhoven, Philips, Philips Lighting, Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven and Viggo and many social organizations together. Foundation Together for Eindhoven connects charities and companies. Thanks to 45% growth in 2017, the ambition is now nóeven more vulnerable people in and around Eindhoven help.

Changemakers Community

More and more corporate employees are putting their knowledge, talent and heart into helping others. The number of volunteers from companies that Connect Together for Eindhoven increased from 1,100 to over 1,600. About how the companies activate their employees to volunteer for a day, during working hours, our commercial and social partners spoke on March 1 during our Partner Lunch in the Conference Center at the High Tech Campus. Marije Rhebergen, Sustainability Manager at DLL: "I don't have the tip for getting your employees to volunteer, but what certainly works at DLL is to make the volunteer work fit in with the corporate culture. As many as 50% of DLL's employees in Eindhoven are active volunteers. DLL has been an involved founder of Samen voor Eindhoven from the start. 'The diversity of volunteering is also a success factor. One person has a passion for the elderly, another for children or refugees. Then an activity makes an impression and that experience spreads around which in turn generates new volunteers. Samen voor Eindhoven has a large network and a large supply. This creates a closer society'.

While enjoying a tasty lunch, the partners interacted with each other about valuable tips and ideas to get employees to engage in community service. Below we have listed all the recommendations.

The partner lunch was made possible by our new partner HighTechCampusEindhoven and Eurest. Also curious about what we achieved together with our partners in 2017? Look here for the annual report.

10 Golden Tips to Get Employees Moving for Even More Social Impact


1. Employee volunteering is context- and organization-specific. There is no blueprint.

  • Connect to the culture of the organization.

2. An Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) is situational, ongoing and dynamic; is never finished and changes over time.

  • Young volunteers (millenials) have different needs, time and diverse. For example, they are also about meeting and connecting.
  • Respond to subcultures within companies and in the region
  • Look for different opportunities (not just standard 1 day)
  • Create a wide variety of offerings. Not the same thing every year!
  • Deploy team (company) outings socially

3. Focus on meaning (WHY) and impact.

  • Encourage reciprocity

4. Connect the program to business goals; combine the drivers (people, society and business)

  • Touch the heart e.g. Glow - Philips Lighting ('light' & 'elderly')
  • Send Young Professionals out together with e.g. Salvation Army for 'reality' check
  •  Employ (pre-)retirees to volunteer (transition work/retirement)
  • Link a volunteer activity to on-boarding program (HR)

5. Support from leadership is important

  • HR: Employee development through volunteering
  • Strange eyes compel; invite a CSR manager from a successful company for a presentation to top management
  • Enthusiastic (high) management carters

6. Engage change agents and early movers to activate silent supporters

  • CSR Champions (recognition, appreciation, lunch with CEO, PSV tickets etc)
  • Word of mouth through ambassadors, they enthuse a group
  • Join the changemakers community, start a movement

7. Wanna be part of a winning team.... Share and celebrate 'successes'

  • Share stories and experiences online and internally.
  • Organize a speed date between a community organization and the company
  • Organize an internal volunteer market so people can choose from the various projects for themselves

8. As a community organization, don't assume you will get a stage; you must take the stage

  • Storytelling by CSOs is key to connecting with the business community. Be specific in what is needed.
  • Actively maintain your network
  • Share the story! Appear regularly in local weekly newspaper

9. Personal approach works best

  • Invite colleagues personally to participate

10. Energy, passion and fun

  • Approach people from your own passion
  • Connect to employees' interests and areas of expertise

Download the 10 golden activation tips here.Together for Eindhoven is part of global network Points of Light. Our colleague from America, Jessica, visited us in Eindhoven. In this video she also gives tips to activate employees to do volunteer work. Through Chicago Cares, for example, as many as 10,000 corporate volunteers a year do something for a good cause in this metropolis.