Pro Bono Communication 25 June and 2 July 2021

During Pro Bono Communication of Samen voor Eindhoven, professionals put their skills to use for a (communication) issue of a foundation or social organisation. This year, these are:
👉🏽 Combination Youth Care
👉🏽 Humanitas
👉🏽 IVN, Institute for Nature Education #Geldrop
👉🏽 KansPlus #Carrousel

🧡 These local partnerships contribute to a better world and the sdgs2030 (the 17 Sustainable Development Goals).

Pro Bono (or pro bono publico in full) is an expression from Latin that means for the public good in Dutch. Work by professionals that is done voluntarily and unpaid for the benefit of society

For marcom professionals:

Ever thought that with your marketing & communication knowledge and skills you could make a lasting impact on a non-profit organisation in the Brainport region? And that you can boost not only the social foundation but also your own job satisfaction and perhaps that of your company/department?

During Pro Bono, you combine inspired work with giving something back to society. Together with a couple of teams of marcom professionals, you will spend two half-days working out social communication issues for foundations in Eindhoven. After these two days, the social organisation can actually get to work with the plans, ideas, and so on.

Pro bono is an important tool for social innovation because it provides social organisations and foundations with essential skills they often lack. In short: the best communication event of the year, full of learning moments, sense-making and collaborations.

For civil society organisations:

What an opportunity for your non-profit organisation: you work together with a team of driven marketing and communication professionals. They are happy to put their knowledge (and heart) into action for the benefit of society and your foundation or social organisation. The experience after a number of editions of Pro Bono shows that you really get something out of it in practice. Previous editions, for example, have treated the Voedselbank to a creative recruitment campaign, the Huiskamer voor vluchtelingen to a completely new look and feel for their website and Speelpark de Splinter to an elaborate anti-smoking campaign. Do you want knowledge, ideas and help with your branding, strategy, positioning or website? Join this unique event. This year online in two parts: Friday 25 June (9.00-13.00) and Friday 2 July (9.00-13.00).

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Sandra van der Heiden

Pro Bono Communicatie Lab is organised annually together with LICHT (= the link between independent marketing and communication professionals), the municipality of Eindhoven and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

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Together for Eindhoven is connected to Pro Bono Lab. In 2020, Pro Bono Lab launched the study "international panorama of pro bono" with the aim of analysing the diversity of pro bono cases around the world. You can read the interview with Esther Hofstede from Samen voor Eindhoven here.