Foundership through Collaboration, Connecting and Inspiring

We are the knowledge and networking organization in Brainport, creating valuable connections between companies, civil society organizations and local government, so that together they can use their employees' time and talent to help people in the Eindhoven region who are struggling. This creates an impactful bridge with society.

Since 2017, ICS Group and Together for Eindhoven have been connected. A sustainable partnership that in 2021 has been extended to the Foundership for ICS to be able to have even more impact for the welfare of the Eindhoven community. Central to this partnership are the core values Collaborate, Connect and Inspire. ICS contributes by deploying its professional skills and talents such as the 'community coach program' project, in which people from the business community are paired with 'charities' in the Brainport region for nine months to tackle a specific social issue through coaching, sparring and guidance. You can read more about this in the examples below:

ICS develops smart system for Vrijwillige Hulpdienst Eindhoven

ICS coaches Welfare Foundation New Beginning

No one on the sidelines at ICS Group

"ICS is a family business based in Eindhoven that has been providing facilities services for 45 years. We are one team and have a top sports mentality; and so we take good care of each other and leave no one on the sidelines. ICS feels co-responsible for the well-being of the local community and that - given the major challenges - business, civil society and government should work together to support those who are struggling and reduce the polarization/gap in society.

Together with the other founders we can have a real impact; by sharing knowledge and expertise with each other and using it for beautiful social projects in our dynamic city," said Bart van der Sluijs, General Director ICS Group.


Join the movement

 "We are proud of the DNA of Eindhoven." Frits Philips said it as early as 1963: 'Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur without social awareness is doomed to failure.' We are proud of our committed partners and founders - from sole proprietor, SME to multinational - who feel partly responsible for the well-being of society. Samen voor Eindhoven connects parties, facilitates the meeting between commercial and idealistic. With the aim of making impactful connections to work together to create a closer Brainport in which everyone can participate; including those who are struggling. In 2021 we will do this in a different way than usual and we are busy developing a customized 'menu of choices' for our involved Founders and partners," said Esther Hofstede, Founder and Director of Samen voor Eindhoven.

Whether you are a social organization, a company or a corporate volunteer, do you also want to be of significance to someone else? Would you like to contribute in your own way to a closer Eindhoven where everyone can participate? Please contact Esther Hofstede.