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What do we do with your donation?

We, Foundation Together for Eindhoven, have mobilized over 10,000 volunteers since 2012 to work for social organizations and vulnerable people. Your gift makes volunteering possible. With your contribution we ensure that changemakers can work reliably for our society. Especially now it is important to warm hearts. We do this for example through the campaigns Heart Warming Together and Give a Coat, Warm a Heart. People living in poverty who receive a warm coat this year will also receive two free cups of coffee. We can make this possible through a donation from the Poverty Fund.

We are committed to health, environment, education, homeless people, vulnerable children and the elderly, refugees, people with disabilities and together we reduce loneliness and poverty. By building a closer society based on mutual understanding, all of us - civil society organizations and businesses - can contribute to the realization of the Global Goals. Thanks for your donation.

Together for Eindhoven dreams of a closer and happier Brainport and works towards this by building a bridge between companies, civil society organizations and local government to ensure a society where everyone can participate. Thanks to our committed partners and donations.

10,000 company volunteers

15,800 hours used

impact on society

for the global goals