100 volunteers - one day - Philips Lighting

"Putting yourself in another reality puts you back with both feet on the ground. The energy you get from interacting with these people from Severinus is an amazing experience."

Chris Worp, Business Group Leader Home, Philips Lighting."The energy you get in interacting with these people is an amazing experience."

Says Chris Worp, Business Group Leader. We organized the first Business Group Home Team Day for Eindhoven and Turnhout 'Greater Together' for Philips Lighting on Friday, July 7. It was a great opportunity to relax and interact with each other outside the office environment, while at the same time giving something back to the local community we are part of. And this day reflects the values we have as a team.

In a short time, Samen voor Eindhoven organized this meaningful day for 100 employees of Philips Lighting. Social partners such as Severinus, Vitalis and the Stadsakkers could make good use of these enthusiastic volunteers. Social innovation: at the request of Philips Lighting, we had a successful test with the digital social marketplace. It was the first time this marketplace was used as a tool so that employees of Philips Lighting could easily register and choose from the various activities for the day.

Watch here the vlog of Chris Worp - Business Group Leader, BG Home Philips Lighting
Watch the thank you vlog of Anita Sanders - Severinus and one of the participating community organizations on this day here.

Photography: courtesy of our volunteer photographers:
Thomas Abrahams - Image Boss
Mirella Mesu - Studio Happy Home