21st Brainport for each other dinner - May 22, 2023

Brainport for each other dinner in brief

During the Brainport for each other dinner (formerly MO040 dinner) we connect companies and civil society organizations to see what they can do for each other. This evening provides both parties with new insights, collaborations and concrete matches. As a company you can, for example, offer your help in attracting new volunteers, give guest lectures or help expand the network. Or offer your expertise (in the field of legal or financial support, a communication issue, advice on HR or fundraising) or a pair of hands.

For social organizations: this evening you will get to know socially involved (region) Eindhoven entrepreneurs who, with their knowledge, expertise and employees, would like to contribute - together with you - to a more beautiful and social Eindhoven through valuable new connections and matches.


Resilience in today's complex society

This 21st dinner on May 22 was dedicated to "resilience in today's complex society. Current social developments demand a lot from all of us. People who are already having a harder time are often hit earlier or harder, increasing the chances of increasing inequality. Economic measures are often not efficient enough, which is why at the Brainport for each other dinner we want to initiate a movement in which we can do something with and for each other. Let's create an inclusive and close network where we enter into an equal dialogue based on trust, a social connection is created between companies, government and civil society organizations that makes us more resilient, both collectively and independently.


Striving for equality and reciprocity

With the renewed direction from Brainport Eindhoven and the objective to make social impact together, it is a logical step to join this with the dinner. This new name also entails a new set-up and the intention to mean more to each other during (and after) the dinner. We strive for equality and reciprocity in the matches, creating a balance between supply and demand. A meaningful evening where all participants gain knowledge and experience and bring their own expertise. We aim to create a network where we strengthen each other and build a stronger social base together.

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Do you have questions or want more information about the next dinner? Contact Patricia Beumer of Samen voor Eindhoven at 06-2900 7016.

Brainport for each other Dinner

The Brainport for each other Dinner is offered by DLL, NXP, Philips and the Municipality of Eindhoven in cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven. The dinner is for companies and civil society organizations that want to make a difference in the Eindhoven region.