A warm coat for some is a life lesson for others: Eindhoven foundation hands out over 2,000 coats

To ensure that all residents benefit from the economic success in the rWith the seventh edition of the 'Warm a Heart & Give a Coat' campaign, 2250 coats were sorted yesterday and distributed to all kinds of organizations. 'A warm coat is not something everyone can take for granted.'egion Eindhoven, the business community must contribute to social welfare initiatives. So said Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Tuesday.

The campaign was organized by Samen voor Eindhoven, this foundation connects companies and social organizations in the Brainport region. Coats were collected at various locations throughout the month of October.

Coats that were sorted and then handed over to the parties that provide the coats again to people who can use them well. "Families with money worries, young newcomers, homeless people, people living in poverty, For them buying a warm winter coat is not obvious," said Maaike de Jonge of Samen voor Eindhoven.

For refugees without status

The foundation receives help from volunteers from large companies such as Woonbedrijf, NXP and ASML. One of the organizations receiving coats is Stichting de Huiskamer; Rianne van Halen volunteers at this organization three days a week. Van Halen: "I can still sit behind the geraniums," she says with a laugh. "Volunteering gives me satisfaction, it's rewarding to do."

'The Living Room' specifically targets refugees without status: refugees who have no roof or home, no school or work, no income, no primary base. Van Halen: "With, our people in mind, I got to pick out very nice warm coats. Super nice, because from the little money they get per week you certainly can't pay for a coat."

More than a project

The International School on the Oirschotsedijk also collected coats among their students. Amogh (14) and Jayden (15) are only too proud that they were able to donate 103 children's coats today. Amogh: "We had put an appeal on the school's website to donate coats and we succeeded!" Jayden: "At first it was a project for a subject at school, but now it has become more than a project. I'm glad I could see today how important it is to do something for someone else."

Teacher Stijn van Rest listens with satisfaction to his students. "Look, what they learn here, you can't teach them that in the classroom. Here they see in one morning what connection means and that you can contribute very consciously."
Marjon Vreeswijk of Dress for Success: "You only make a good first impression once. We advise people on personal presentation, appearance and clothing. And the appropriate and presentable set of clothes we provide naturally includes a nice coat."