Money Guide Weeks

Residents of Brainport Eindhoven can take advantage of various financial schemes. Unfortunately, not all residents know this. As a result, these remain on the shelf and that is a shame, especially in these times with the high energy prices.

To help residents of Eindhoven apply for the energy allowance, among other things, and to relieve social organizations, Ergon, Gemeente Eindhoven, the Social Counselors of Lumens, Werkplaats Financiën, WIJeindhoven, Samen voor Eindhoven and the Partnerfonds Brainport Eindhoven work together during the Money Guide Weeks.

Company volunteers (Money Guides) are on hand during walk-in hours to support Eindhoven residents in applying for the schemes.

November 29 through December 16, 2022, there will be additional walk-in consultations where Eindhoven residents will receive support in applying for the energy allowance. These walk-in consultations are run by corporate volunteers from various companies in the Eindhoven region. By setting up a city-wide campaign, volunteers ultimately contribute to making residents in Eindhoven financially fitter. Data shows that approximately 4,000 residents have not yet applied for the Meedoen contribution. If you apply for this Meedoen contribution you will also immediately be included in the application for energy allowance.