Live Knowledge Café: July 14, 2022:

Storytelling - André Driessen

So many personal and touching stories you hear every day in the workplace. Things that deserve to be told! For example, how can you use stories of volunteers and clients for your nonprofit organization? For such things as your social media posts, a grant application or a blog on your website? Storytelling is a communication methodology where your authentic stories ensure that the reader almost feels what is going on. It is an open and connecting way of (short) storytelling. We invite civil society organizations to participate in the storytelling knowledge café on Thursday, July 14 (13.30-15.30). Not online but at the fine High Tech Campus Eindhoven by the water(Conference Centre).

Lecturer and copywriter André Driessen gives you some practical tools to use personal stories in your (online) communication.

Interested? Sign up soon because there are a limited number of spots available. We ask that you bring a treasured object or personal photo to this workshop.