Meet2Match Communication

"It's so nice to spend a day thinking creatively with community organizations. Being allowed to give a fresh perspective that helps the other person move forward gives you a great feeling."

Category: Match event Oct. 7
Match: Social organizations - communication specialists from the region.
What: Communication talents commit one day to a social organization in Eindhoven.
When: For the fourth year in a row, we will meet again on October 7, 2016.

Communications and PR professionals put their talents to work pro bono for a good cause!
Are you a communication or PR professional, do you feel socially involved and would you like to use your talent for an afternoon or a day for a good cause? Then put your expertise to work for an Eindhoven foundation or association during the Meet2Match Communication Afternoon on Friday, October 7.

We pair your expertise with a foundation in advance so that you can get started right away during the Meet2Match. Of course, the match event is also a great opportunity to expand your network and meet new people in your field.It works!
"We came to the Meet2Match Communications with a relatively small demand, but in the end that demand triggered a whole process of change." Speaking is Renee de Oude of Diaconal drop-in center 't Hemeltje. She attended last year and was then matched with Hans Matheeuwsen, president of the Eindhoven Press Club and editor-in-chief of Frits Magazine.

"We had a question about Facebook," Renee says. "But while talking with Hans we found out that maintaining a Facebook page would take a lot of time and that maybe we should take a step back first. First we had to think carefully about the name of our organization. After all, our name Stichting Diaconaal Centrum Eindhoven was not known to a lot of people, Inloophuis 't Hemeltje on the other hand was."

"Our president was also present. He had been matched with another communications professional to take a hard look at DCE's brochure. Together they had come to the same conclusion. That we need to take a good look at the name and corporate identity of the organization before we start deploying all kinds of resources. So that's what we started doing."

"There has been a whole process since then. A lot of ideas came up. We had to prioritize, so Facebook took a bit of a back seat. We came up with a new name. Such a name change naturally affects all resources. We are now going to implement everything step by step."

I definitely recommend participation! The ball started rolling there and it's still rolling. The critical questions and feedback from the communication professionals has brought us many new insights and inspiration. Partly because of that, this whole change process was started."Yes, I am participating!
Are you a communications or PR professional or a community organization looking for advice in this area? Registration has started again and you can register via:

This matchevent is an initiative of Samen voor Eindhoven in cooperation with the Eindhoven Press Club (EPC), SMC 040, Seats2meet Strijp-S, (H)eerlijk Anders and CC03.Vlog: Vanity LansPhotographers: Béa Straver and Mirella Mésu