MO 040 Late night online

From attics and kitchen tables

Large companies teach civil society organizations how to collaborate online

Eindhoven, Tuesday 17 November 2020 - On Monday evening, the 17th Corporate Social Responsibility 040 (MO040) event took place, for the first time online. Ten companies met with ten foundations and civil society organizations and discussed the theme of 'broad prosperity' at this edition. For many people, having a job and an income is no longer enough to say that someone is prosperous. Aspects such as housing, health, education, safety, the environment and happiness also play an increasingly important role in determining whether someone is truly prosperous. Especially in these times, broad prosperity is an important theme to consider. That is why companies and foundations joined forces last night. To meet each other and learn from each other.

No prosperity without cooperation
Hans de Jong, President of Philips Netherlands, about his participation in MO040: "Frits Philips said in 1963: "Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur without social awareness is doomed to fail. Together we must lay a new sustainable foundation for broad prosperity. Now is the time to build bridges between business and politics, and between business and society. The corona crisis has shown how important that is, but also that it is possible. Together we make the Netherlands'. Philips made several matches last night, including with Markieza, who train people to become experience experts. Philips will advise Markieza on the rollout of new training courses to companies. And as soon as it is possible again, children who have fewer opportunities than their peers will come to Philips via the MOVE Foundation to discover their talents.

Corporate Social Responsibility Late Night was all about 'Broad Prosperity'; both the economic and the social aspects of prosperity. Is this a theme your social organisation is committed to? On Monday evening 16 November , committed companies met foundations, care centres and social organisations online, in order to share their knowledge, expertise and skills.

Where normally a drink and a bite to eat is matched on a suitable location, this time it happened digitally from behind everyone's home workplace. The event was hosted online from a studio at Ergon. A big challenge for the organising parties, who despite of this adaptation can look back on a successful evening with 26 new matches.
'Remarkable was the enormous willingness of companies to support social organizations in working online. Both by supplying laptops and with knowledge and training in virtual teamwork," explains Mala Paltoe, board member of Humanitas.

MO 040 dinner
MO040 is an initiative of the municipality of Eindhoven, DLL and NXP in cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven (Together for Eindhoven). The MO 040 dinner is not about money, but about time, knowledge and experience and the willingness to share these with each other.

Participate in 2021?
Would you like your company or social organisation to participate in MO040 next time? Mail, app or call Esther Hofstede at / 06 - 4603 1010.

Photography: Thomas Abrahams (Beeldbaas)