Partner event Feb. 6, 2023: 'bridging the gap and the power of employee volunteering' with Chris Jarvis

We had one of the nicest speakers in the world on Feb. 6 in Eindhoven. Especially for Together for Eindhoven, Chris Jarvis spoke during an interactive session during our annual event for our engaged businesses and community organizations. Based on scientific insights, Chris Jarvis developed an innovative view on how corporate volunteering positively affects the world. Not only because the volunteer gives something to someone else, but especially because it enriches the volunteer himself. 


Bridging the gap; the event of meeting & connecting

As an international expert on employee volunteering, Chris enthusiastically took our guests through the 5 principles for successful and impactful employee volunteering programs. 

We thank Chris but also Marije Rhebergen, Head of Sustainability at DLL for sharing stories and experiences on how to organize employee volunteering and include employees in your social commitment. 

View all photos here of photographer Nina Crebas.

TEDx Chris Jarvis: design employee volunteer experiences

In this TedTalk by Chris Jarvis, he explains why people like to help others and how, through employee volunteering, you can create a better world where people are more understanding of each other. Why do we want to help others? Here's why: it gives us happiness hormones and the drive to help comes from empathy: the ability to empathize. By nature, we mostly want to help people who are socially similar to us, our "in-group. With employee volunteering, on the contrary, you can ensure that people also get to know the out-group: individuals and groups with whom they are less likely to come into contact. That way, and this has been scientifically demonstrated, you can broaden empathy.