Philips goes for Social Purpose with Samen voor Eindhoven

"Community involvement is in the DNA of our organization. At all levels, from global to local, there are initiatives to improve people's lives..."

President Philips Netherlands - Hans de JongPhilips opts for a sustainable cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven. At the beginning of October, the kick-off of this cooperation took place with the launch of the new campaign 'There is always a way to make life better'. All Philips employees in the Eindhoven region were invited to the Philips stadium.

We do everything to make people's lives better

President Philips Netherlands - Hans de Jong explains why Philips chose to do this. "Social commitment is in the DNA of our organization. At all levels, from global to local, there are initiatives to improve people's lives. We want to improve three billion lives annually by 2025. That is an ambitious goal. Philips commits its future to successfully contributing to health and healthcare worldwide. We therefore explicitly pursue social profit alongside business profit. We do this in order to invest in new projects and products, but also to make a social contribution. Today we call this social purpose. We have wanted to be socially relevant since our foundation. Everything Philips does revolves around our mission to improve people's lives through meaningful innovation."

Philips employees: together for Eindhoven

Philips also implements its social purpose locally, such as in Eindhoven. Esther Hofstede of Samen voor Eindhoven: "They pay attention to themes that are important to people such as health and well-being, getting older and mother and child care. When employees experience themselves during 'One Day for Eindhoven' by using their knowledge and talent, they take that back to their work. With two feet in the field, they gain inspiration and experience how people experience things when it comes to their health, well-being, aging and care. This definitely provides new ideas and inspiration for their profession. Moreover, if you do this as a team, you can build on each other better, you dare to ask each other questions and you come up with better innovations and products together. We are convinced that with our support Philips will have a great social impact in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. We are happy with and proud of this cooperation!"