How do you prevent working family caregivers from falling over? 4W has the solution

On Monday, February 14, the 19th MO040 event took place. During this edition MO040 Late Night wonderful matches were made. Matches that really contribute to society. Like the match between social organization "Join 4W!" and several companies.

The social concept of "Join 4W

Social work company Ergon, residential care organization Archipel and housing corporation Woonbedrijf saw an opportunity in the increasing number of working family caregivers with burnout: how do we get young people and people over 55 out of welfare on the one hand, how do we continue to provide good family care to our elderly on the other, and can we also relieve working family caregivers so that burnout is prevented? Meet the social concept 'Join in with 4W': Living, Working, Welfare in the Neighborhood. A unique initiative in which unemployed young people and people over 55 who currently fall between the cracks on the labor market perform socially relevant work such as supporting family caregivers.

Match made in heaven

Last February, 'Join 4W' attracted a lot of attention during MO040 Late Night and several companies wanted to match with them as a result. The matches are currently being further discussed and developed. An example of the outcome of such a match is the discussion about relieving working family caregivers by having employees of 'Join 4W' take over various activities. Companies help 'Join 4W' mainly by putting them in contact with working family caregivers. On the one hand, in this way they can gather information on the combination of work and care and its burden, and on the other hand because 'Join 4W' can support these caregivers.

Caregiver overload

But just how big is the problem of dropout caregivers? Big. In 2022, for example, informal caregivers are having an increasingly tough time. They are squeezed by a very tight labor market, the effects of the corona crisis and the increasing shortage of staff in care. In addition, an aging population continues to increase the demand for informal care, which will increasingly come down to the informal caregiver also having a job. So more and more is being asked of them. As a result, they fall out not only as caregivers, but also as employees. 18% of all absenteeism is even caused by informal care (HRM CZ & GfK, 2017). And this is where managers seem to have an important role to play. Because 44% of employees with an informal care task without support such as facilities and arrangements say they find it difficult to combine work and informal care (Research HRM CZ & GfK 2017). So support from the employer turns out to be hugely important.

The 20th MO040 Dinner on Oct. 17

Does this method of matching attract your interest and would you like to participate in the MO040 Dinner, either as a social organization or as a company? Sign up with Esther Hofstede at / 06 - 4603 1010. 


The Corporate Social Responsibility 040 dinner (MO040) is offered by DLL, NXP, Philips and the Municipality of Eindhoven in cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven. MO040 is for companies and social organizations that want to make a difference in the Eindhoven region.