MO 040 Late Night (online) on 31 May 2021

For over a year, we have been living in extraordinary times. Corona has had an immense impact on our society. A major focus area is the increased loneliness among young and old in the Netherlands. Together, we can change this by joining forces and joining forces. That is why, on Monday evening 31 May 2021, the 18th edition of MO (Social Enterprise) Late Night was dedicated to 'loneliness'. During the MO040 event, we connect companies and social organisations to see what they can do for each other together.

Brainport companies also want to contribute to connecting people. And with their knowledge and expertise, and especially their employees, they want to help break through the loneliness in Eindhoven.

At the digital table were 14 companies and 10 civil society organisations that enter into partnerships and investigate what they can do for each other in the field of loneliness. Thirty new partnerships between companies and non-profit institutions were created. Employees of ASML and Philips, among others, will act as language buddies and talk to non-Dutch speakers and lonely residents of Archipel, many foundations will receive help from communication professionals with website and PR issues, Driessen Autogroep will offer shared transport and the Zelfhulp Netwerk Zuidoost-Brabant foundation will receive ARBO and communication advice from NXP. "Collaboration with companies is a gift to our foundation!" summarises Malou van de Rijt, supporter at the Zelfhulp Netwerk foundation, MO040 after she made a match with three companies.

Alderman Renate Richters: "We know that loneliness is a growing problem in corona time. So I am happy with the attention this subject is getting during MO040. To those who are going to work on the topic, I would like to say that I am curious to see the initiatives!"

Wilma Slaats of Kledingzolder, a thrift store and especially a listening ear in Woensel for minors, has the greatest wish that her Kledingzolder can continue to exist. It is essential for lonely people to have a cup of coffee with Wilma in the shop on Kloosterdreef. "Now that we are allowed to open again, one of the customers at least gets off the couch again to have a chat here. That is what we do it for".

Online edition

Just like the 17th edition of MO040, this 18th edition took place digitally, from the workplace. The online event was hosted from a studio at Hotel Van der Valk

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MO040 is an initiative of the Municipality of Eindhoven, DLL, NXP and Philips in cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven (Together for Eindhoven). MO040 is not about money, but about time, knowledge and experience and the willingness to share them.