20th MO040 dinner on Oct. 17, 2022

Photography: Thomas Abrahams (Beeldbaas)

99 matches during anniversary edition MO040 on Oct. 17, 2022

The secret behind the success of the MO040 Dinner

On Monday evening, October 17, the twentieth MO040 Dinner took place, this time at Phood Farm on the former Campina grounds. During the MO Diner, Samen voor Eindhoven, Eindhoven City Council, DLL, NXP and Philips bring companies and social organizations together to see what they can do for each other. This anniversary evening provided all parties with new insights, collaborations and concrete matches. As many as 99! A record in the past 10 years. What makes this concept, set up by DLL, Samen voor Eindhoven and the municipality of Eindhoven, such a success?

The MO040 Dinner came to life in 2011 when the question arose of how to help civil society organizations without a financial boost. Couldn't companies do something for them in another way, through expertise and closed exchanges? And so it happened. The MO040 Dinner brings together a network of people who would not easily meet in everyday life. Like-minded people who can mean something to each other in many ways. On the one hand, companies and their employees are eager to get involved; on the other hand, social organizations need something, but also give an interesting and instructive service in return. This turns out to be a successful formula time and again. As a result, we build a social field together from connection, breaking down walls. At the organizational level and from person to person. This way of working together provides a lot of positive energy every time.

The festive twentieth edition
After three digital MO040 events due to covid and lockdowns, this time the dinner could again take place live. And this twentieth edition was another one for the books. With Phood as host, the dinner was in true Eindhoven atmospheres, in the middle of the Caai. The compliment of the evening was for Dulcia Evers of Baass, who made many and beautiful matches. Baass offers physical and mental coaching to young people and matched with Ergon, among others, which offers them internships and a place where young people can get their starting qualifications. In return, Baass will provide boxing lessons for all interested Ergon employees! Alderman Saskia Lammers handed out this 'compliment of the evening' and went home with a satisfied smile: "Actually, what happened at the dinner was what Eindhoven is known for: working together. Not just talking, but doing, really doing. Equality is important here. Both parties learn from each other, including the companies."

MO040 in brief

During MO040 we connect businesses and civil society organizations to see what they can do for each other. This evening provides both parties with new insights, collaborations and concrete matches. As a company you can, for example, offer your help in attracting new volunteers, give guest lectures or help expand the network. Or offer your expertise (in the field of legal or financial support, a communication issue, advice on HR or fundraising) or a pair of hands.

For social organizations: this evening you will get to know socially involved Eindhoven entrepreneurs who, with their knowledge, expertise and employees, would like to contribute - together with you - to a more beautiful and social Eindhoven through valuable new connections and matches.


Sign up 2023

Would you like to participate as a company in the 21st edition of MO040 in 2023? Register your interest in advance with Esther Hofstede at esther@samenvooreindhoven.nl / 06 - 4603 1010. 

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The Corporate Social Responsibility 040 dinner (MO040) is offered by DLL, NXP, Philips and the Municipality of Eindhoven in cooperation with Samen voor Eindhoven. MO040 is for companies and social organizations that want to make a difference in the Eindhoven region.