Christien's portrait is finished and it is beautiful

Christien Does' wish to be portrayed once by a real artist has come true. Artist Antonie de Rooij handed it over personally..

Last month, De Rooij stopped by to do a sketch in preparation. Now the impressionistic portrait in shades of blue and light horizontal stripes can shine in Mrs. Does' living room. Antonie de Rooij: "There is a kind of line or stripe in it. That is something that connects my portraits and so the people are also connected in that way."

The beautiful gift for Mrs. Does comes from the Heartwarming Together campaign. This is meant for people who are lonely. Maaike de Jonge of Samen voor Eindhoven explains, "After the corona period, there were just a lot of lonely people. And we want to give them a heart to heart."

The "stars on canvas" activity is part of several activities being done. De Jonge: "This is the kickoff of a series of portraits we want to make for people who are lonely. This is not only about the elderly, but also for example lonely refugees, homeless people or young people."

It is a gift to lonely people and they can just take them home. But Maaike de Jonge lets us know, "It is a kind of dream of Samen voor Eindhoven when maybe ten or twelve paintings are made, that we can still show the portraits somewhere." In any case, Mrs. Does is very happy with her portrait.